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Born On 9/11


30+ top-tier media placements 

211 syndicated stories 

187MM impressions 

#911Day trended globally 

71% of people who saw the PSA participated 

Tens of millions did good deeds 

Over 13,000 children were born on September 11, 2001. While as a nation, we were struggling to take our next breath, they took their first.


And this year, those newborns are turning 14. They’re changing their world—and ours. Raised in a world of uncertain safety and war, they’ve emerged as one of the most optimistic, connected and can-do minded generations we’ve ever seen. Inspired by their attitude and the way they see the world, Grey created the Born On 9/11 campaign for the nonprofit organization,

My Good Deed.


 Change the way people look at 9/11 by inspiring Americans to find new meaning in doing good deeds as an act of remembrance on 9/11 Day. 


 We enlisted children born on 9/11/2001 as ambassadors. We let their kindness become contagious, as they demonstrated to everyone how to remember the day by doing one good deed on 9/11 Day. 



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