Let's work wonders.

Xerox approached us with the challenge to help bring the work experience to life in a more tangible, grounded way. Highlighting the real impact that Xerox makes on workplaces everyday. With this thinking we developed a key incite that whether Dreaming or Doing, our communications must connect emotionally and be grounded in real needs. 


Within this campaign concept we focus in on the idea that xerox enables daily achievements through products and services that not only make sense —but cause joy.


For decades, Xerox has enabled work—to work.

From printers that hum to trains that run, 

we are in the business of making days flow.


We innovate and operate with pragmatism and optimism,

because we know that when something just works,

it feels like magic.


And that’s how it should be. For everyone.

For I.T. doers and C-suite purse holders and a force of very modern workers, 

our offerings are made with integrity—and anticipation.  


Because we know that when the barrage of tickets go quiet, 

and implementations are engineered to be seamless,

every day can gratify and delight.


Press and connect. Set and forget. Blink and done.


Until there’s time and space to spark what’s next. Yes.

We invite you to experience Xerox beyond what you think.


Bring us your hitches, your glitches, your wishes— 


Let’s work wonders. 



A Choose Your Own Adventure for I.T. Professionals


Created to complement the interactive OOH screen, an accompanying installation on the floor will have a working 3D printer churning out Xerox branded pop sockets for commuters to take with them. A viewer will have to enter their info and they will get one with a custom printed Xerox label with their name and “Let’s work wonders.”

Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 11.08.25


Wonder Bot