adidas Primeknit

2019 Campaign

An end-to-end omnichannel campaign ecosystem for Primeknit sports bras and tights—designed to be as dynamic as the women who wear them. 

The challenge was to connect the cultural context of the women-led design process with Primeknit’s innovative features in an end-to-end, omnichannel campaign—driving real storytelling and leading to conversion.

Informed by our audience research and product insights, my team shaped the entire strategy and creative from ideation to execution. This culminated in a seamless experience across digital, social, PR and retail touchpoints all centered around a central creative direction…


We chose influencers that exemplified the dual support and flexibility of Primeknit—and who live life in motion. Mette Towley - Made famous by Pharrell’s “Lemon” video, Mette embodies the authenticity of expression in her dance. Zanna Van Dijk - Active UK fit-fluencer Zanna helped pressure-test Primeknit’s performance benefits. 


The hero videos, featuring Mette and Zanna in action, embodied the ethos of “Many Motions, One Body.” Their movements, emphasized with post-production ripple animations, convey the kinetic energy inherent to the activewear. Created with digital and social applications front-of-mind, these videos are designed to hook the viewer with engaging, looping animations.


Our work extended far beyond the site, integrating the creative direction into the adidas retail environment. We worked through various iterations, leveraging digital expressions in the physical space to express the Primeknit experience in an impactful way.

Adidas_Primeknit_FLOW_Backwall_Final (1)