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The Phenomenal Effect

of Elizabeth Ryan


When you think of the 80s, you think of Jazzercise, perms, MTV, Zack Morris, Black to the Future, shoulder pads—and Lean Cuisine. Low-calorie diets were all the rage, and your three-minute microwavable meal was the way to stay slim enough for those leotards. 


In 2015, Lean Cuisine underwent a massive overhaul, from their branding to what they boxed & sold. Out went the artificial anythings, and in went freshly frozen ingredients, organic vegetables and natural chicken. In other words, Lean Cuisine evolved, just like their consumer and their tastes.

The Lean Cuisine of today is now focused on fueling everyday phenomenal with culinary-forward dishes that let her eat however she prefers to eat. This 2017 campaign highlights Lean Cuisine's commitment to real women and the new recipes that feed their phenomenal.

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